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Thanks for the comment on your experience C. Donor. Yes its a bunch of work re hub diameter and all the details of offset and Im not trying to improve handling but just needing replacement for old tires, one with a broken belt that became critically useless. And the whole set needs replaced, and I found this great bargain on these nice wheels with new tires worth 150 each and my original wheels are also pretty bad.

I find the offset on the BMW and Merz wheels is identical and the new tires slightly less wide, exactly same height, so there is definitely room, and the chinese mfgrs work hard to clarify all the details in hub bores on both the Mercedes hub and the new wheels which can sometimes be different front to rear. Its indeed a mess. And BMW uses two sizes of centering hub as well. Some are 72.6 and some 74 so its all got to be correct. But in the end I should have a $1000 set of wheels/tires for about $600. And I learned stuff.
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