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Old 06-21-2003, 12:39 AM
Sonny Aranas
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Hard Starting

My 1992 Mbz 300ce M104 CIS-E fuel system has a hard starting problem sometimes but not all the time. It sometimes takes 2 ignition tries before it will fire. Maybe 6 to 8 seconds before it will fire, I think that is a little hard on batt. and starter. And if starts it blows out a little bit of black smoke. I have replaced the following parts; Temp. sensor for fuel injection, Distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel accumulator. I've removed the cold start injector, and visually inspect the fuel pattern, and check for leaks. It looks ok. I dont have a fuel gauge to check for pressure. The engine runs great, check engine light is not on, and pass smog test. I am a mechanic but too familiar with this type of system, also my book is not very helpful. Open for suggestion guys, THANKS.
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