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My 2.6 is about 57 percent front heavy compared to about 52 (maybe 54) for the '84 2.3, so the 2.6 has more inherent understeer. I run front pressure bias to mitigate it as much as possible. The 300E has better balance than the 2.6, so equal pressure would probably be acceptable. Within limits, tire pressure is a "tuning" issue to get the best ride/handling compromise for each individual. It's a matter of experimentation to determine what is best for you.

I consider OEM recommendations to be absolute minimums biased toward ride quality. It safe to run cold pressure as high as the maximum cold pressure placarded on the sidewall, but this is not necessarily the pressure for best handling as I found out a week ago when I almost spun my MR2 after forgeting to lower the cold pressure to 32 from the 37 they had bled down to from the 40 I set prior to winter storage. As a rule of thumb, the lower a tire is actually loaded relative to its maximum load capacity, the less pressure it needs for optimum handling.

Shorter sidewall tires and higher tire pressure will tranmit more high frequency input from the road to the body that the occupants can "hear" and "feel", but the thumping, buzzing, and rattling won't affect the structual integrity of the body. Those are just trim pieces moving around and maybe a little body resonance if the input is in the range of 15-25 Hertz.


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