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The dealer fixed my air conditioning, I hope.

It will be fixed on Monday, I hope they found all that needs to be repaired.

Well the dealer found bubbles in my R134 coolant and they told me I need a new expansion valve and a new receiver dryer. The cost is going to be about $600. I told the dealer representative that I was glad they found the problem and I was glad it wasnít the evaporator. He quickly chimed in that he thinks of an "older" air conditioning system like a leaky hose. He says after you fix one leak you often have a leak spring up somewhere else because the seals and gaskets are "old" and just give up after time.

It is funny to hear someone say my car is old. I still think of my 1995 E320 as a new car. It is just such a beautiful and impressive automobile. It is much nicer than the loaner 2003 ML and it just doesnít seem old to me. I told him that my car really isnít old for a Mercedes, but then again he does work with brand new cars all day long.

So I suppose the dealer will do good job of installing the new parts, pulling a vacuum on the system, and charging with the appropriate amount of coolant. I sure hope the evaporator doesnít go too soon and that I have a couple years of nice cold air blowing from my vents. I read that it is good to vacuum and recharge the system every three years, if you think it needs it or not, just to avoid repairs that arise from running the system with less than adequate coolant and to be sure to avoid moisture in the system. Perhaps recharging every three years will help me avoid the costly evaporator repair.
I just couldn't give up on my 1995 E320.

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