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IT is sad to read all these comments about MB, I was always convinced you could buy no finer automobile! I always said when I was a kid I was going to buy a NEW Mercedes some day when I could afford it. Well, that day finally came in 1999 and I bought a C280 Sport, actullay to replace my wife's car. (never buy a car for your wife that YOU like!) She HATED that C280, I thought it was a great car, untill the whole climate control system went out, thank God it was under warranty. She always said "it looks like a Honda to me!" Iwound up trading it in with only 7000mis. on it on new Pontiac Grand Am that she loved to death(her previous car was also a Grand Am)

Now, I have a 95 S420 I use as my driver and really love this car, but now it looks as though I have the dreaded A/C evaporator failure (another thread posted on board.) I have owned an 86 300E (3.0 liter) 81 380Sl, the C280 and S420. Looking back, the 380 was by far the better of the lot.

If or when I buy another driver, I will probably go back to a Ford product (Lincoln, Jaguar S-Type, etc.) My wife now has one of the new Thunderbirds, 2002 built on the Lincoln LS chassis, is a fine automobile.
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