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Thanks for coming back on the actuator harness, but as far as I can see, all the wires, everywhere around the engine, looks just fine, like new.

I also tried to get in to where this fan was supposed to be, but it seems I can not get there without causing minor damage to the panels so IŽll wait until someone can confirm if this is a useful lead. CouldnŽt hear any fanlike sound from there though, meaning there is no fan or it does not work...

Another thread suggested the wiring harness issue is only on US spec cars, but I never saw any conclusion on that? Does anyone know?

Even if it drives you mad when the car goes into limp home mode, it happens only under certain conditions, otherwise everything is and works in perfect order. Starting to spend big $$ on replacing pieces without knowing the result is even more frustrating...but soon it is my only option!
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