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Headlight Buzzer

Hi everyone.

I have a 1987 190e 16v. It's a grey market that was converted for US use. My dad swears up and down that when he saw the car in Berlin that there was a buzzer that sounded when you left the head lights on.

As long as I can remember I do not remember a buzzer but it sounds reasonable (I don't think my dad is senile yet). I took a look under the dash panel by the light switch and the buzzer that is in there now does not look like MB and it is just hanging loose (very un MB like).

Does anyone know if there was a buzzer for this car and how to get it back? I have left the lights on twice now and needed a jump. If it did not come with it, does anyone have any ideas on how to get one in there? I can provide pictures if requested.

I am driving more two lane country roads and I feel safer with the lights on during the day but I am getting tired of having to jump start it afterward.

Thanks for all your help.

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