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well I guess I could make it if I knew which day it was in the spring.. probably a long drive from Los Angeles, so might just have to fly and rent a benz in atlanta. ehehe

I would love to take a tour of the shop that will pave the way for the future of Mercedes benz service.

My service guy here in LA is really good, used to be the manager of Beverly Hills Mercedes, now works for his own shop called Mr. MB Motors out in Reseda, CA, a short drive for me to get to him, and I trust him to do good work on my car. have known him for over 10 years too.

I remember when the mercedes dealer told us we needed a new tranny in the 560 sel we had, took it to my guy, it needed a hose and a few other things. dealer wanted $3000 or more, he charged for the repairs $300 or less. now thats what I call good service.

Whenever I take my car to a dealership for service I always cringe at what they tel me then I go get a second opinion before I have any work done. I find that most dealerships will only replace parts and not fix something even if its as simple as a hose, but thats just from my experience.

In anycase, I look forward to seeing the most talked about mercedes service center on the web. and its not even finsihed being nuilt yet. Now thats what I call good word of mouth...

Almost makes me wanna move to atlanta just so I can have em service my car.

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