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I drove my car in reverse all the way to a local mechanic. Took me 1.5 hours to get there, lol. It was just this place in a little desert town and I wasn't expecting much. There were some communication problems earlier with the father who owns the business b/c his English wasn't so great, but his son turned out to be a very qualified and nice guy.

So my mech and I took out the b2 piston.
It looked PERFECT. It used the new plastic sleeve, but still had the old flat ring instead of the T shaped ring. We pushed the piston in and out just like the fluid would, and it seemed fine. No binding or anything. The wishbone was not broken. No excessive wear or signs of binding. ATF fluid was nice and red, not burned or smelly. It looked perfect and seemed to operate perfectly. Unless I'm missing something, this probably means the B2 piston wasn't the problem? We even put it back in and tried it again just in case we unbinded it during removal. Car still wouldn't move unless rpms were in the 5k+ range...then it would less than a centimeter. Up on the lift, we tested the car in drive and could feel the car shifting gears. Not enough grabbing to move the car while on the ground.

It seems the b2 band clutch is worn out. Tranny only has 112k miles, but I guess this is the problem. I'm not 100% convinced as maybe the piston isn't pushing hard enough to engage the clutch, but at this point we've done enough investigation to determine that I'm not installing a $1600 transmission when it was a simple $100 fix.

So now we're putting in a new tranny I'm ordering from Los Angeles. He's charging like $475 for total labor. Hmm..I got quoted like $95 for a transmission charge earlier by someone else who worked there, but that seemed to be too good to be true. What do you guys think of that install price? Also includes the B2 piston investigation labor and he has to cut and weld a bit of the exhaust since whoever did prior work welded it closed. I do mech work myself, but I'm always impressed with professionals. He did what would probably take me six hours in less than an hour, lol.

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