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From what I have been reading, BMW can't give away 740 and 750s that are out of warranty. The resale values are garbage because of the electrical problems BMWs develope. I think society is in too much of a rush and can't wait the 10+ years to fully appreciate the way a Benz was built. They want immediate "flash". Nothing these days is designed to be rebuilt, just out right replaced. I tend to agree with the statement that things seem to be design to last as long as the warranty, very much the way American cars are made. It seems the car companies are trying to out gizmo each other. Even if I were to win the lottery, I wouldn't buy anything newer than mid 90's. The solid feel and the heft of the doors and switches etc. is long gone. The weight of MB cars hasn't changed, they all still weight in the 3800+ lbs. range, but the cars themselves are lighter, hence the lost solid feel. What keeps the cars weighing as much as the past is all the electronic boxes and relays, which doesn't contribute anything to the solid feel of a car. You could take all the GPS/Nav sys. equipment, the ESP system, electronic this and electronic that, and stick it all in a Chevy Cavalier, but that doesn't make the car any better. I really wish there was a way to have MB read all these real world complaints versus controlled customer "focus groups".
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