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Point is as these age grease gets hard, alignment chages tracks become less slick then it thinks a hand is in there when there is none and refuses to close

The 140 chassis S class has this anti-pinch protection as well. As a matter of fact ALL cars with an auto up feature for the windows has anti-pinch of some kind there are several different approaches to having this feature. Same thing with auto-close sunroofs. Not automatic open roofs or windows, just for the closing feature. In the case of 140 chassis, usually the window regulator will break long before the grease will harden up.

" Mercedes used to run a body style 9-10 years, now it's 5-6. "

Lots of manufacturers are able to turn out new models faster due to cad-cam, "virtual" crash testing, etc. The manufacturers realize that when a new model comes out, assuming it's not ugly as an Aztek, or a 7 series, etc, that sales will increase. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. Good for them I guess.

As far as the "content" of the cars, the amount of "toys" present on them, what I believe has the most impact on this is not Daimler-Chrysler, but the tiny little division of Daimler-Chrysler called "MBUSA", heard of them? They spec out what they want to market in the US, and Daimler-Chrysler MAY have something to say about it, but by and large they will go along with what MBUSA wants produced. Obviously Daimler Chrysler does all the development work/ engineering on the cars. But say for example they (MBUSA) wanted brought to the US what amounts to a US legal E class taxi like in Europe (no power windows, no power door locks, MBTex seats, etc etc, just a bare bones E class), I bet they'd get it.
Probably still have a full set of airbags and a smartkey, becuase they consider some of this stuff as a "core" component, but it's MBUSA that really calls the shots on the "level" the cars are built to.

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