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"or..... you can simply get some of the thermocouple wire in the bulk, cut the end, strip back the two wires, tin them with solder and twist together. That's all that is in a thermocouple."

Just a caution about this. Since TFE materials are usually used in the insulation of type-K thermocouple wire, there is a possibility of toxic vapors if used at the upper end of the 1400F range of the meter. Semiconductor testing would never occur near the 500F vaporization temp of the TFE, so this method is very common. For higher temps, the cable is stripped way back, and a ceramic insulator is used to keep the wires separated up to the tip weld. This is what you will find inside the high-temp probes. This information would only be significant if you were to do any monitoring of, say, manifold temps - or the cat.

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