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Catastrophic Failure?


Just had my 88 190e 2.3 towed home. I was driving on highway about 60mph and started hearing a noise similar to the one the climate fan makes when it has bad bearings. A vibrating kind of sound. Then the car started bucking and trying to stall. Then poof, a huge smoke screen let out the back of my car, engulfing the highway. So I quickly made my way to the shoulder, the vehicle was stalled at this point so I was coasting. Once stopped I opened the hood to find oil all over the front left side of the engine compartment. The tow truck driver said it sounded like a blown head gasket. I need to go check it out now, a few questions though.

How do I find if its a blown head gasket? What do I look for?

If this ends up being the case is this a straight forward job, for a limited DIY'er?

Please any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!

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