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Originally posted by AMG CE 36
Hmm, true but, a truck is always a truck...
A friend of mine was involved in a very serious collision involving his 1997 E320 and a fuller-than-full-size Dodge pick up. Carmen, his wife, and his two teen sons walked away from a severly crumpled E-Class Mercedes. The Dodge pick-up driver was severely injured, as the firewall in the footwell severed his leg. The rear seat passengers in the truck were also injured severely thanks to poor seatbelt design and lack of energy absorbtion.

The pick-up looked to be in much better condition that the Mercedes, as the Benz was folded all up around the passenger compartment. However, none of the passenger cell in the MB was compromised. In the truck, key areas of protection were lacking. The footwell gave way and the A-pillar and roof folded enough to cause intrusion in the passenger compartment. The truck had at least 2000lbs on the car, higher bumpers, and so on. It lost. Design and proper use of HSLA (high strength low alloy) steel won the day.

In the event of a rear-end collision, the Mercedes' have strong seatbacks designed to keep the occupants in the car. Most makes do not do this. The seatback gives way, and you go flying out the back window.

Ever take a close look at a Mercedes head rest? Adjustable fore/aft and up and down? Lots of padding? Notice many other cars flimsy POS headrests? That makes a HUGE difference! If you don't have your headrest adjusted properly, you're missing out on using one of the most effective pieces of protection in your car.

Take a look at MB's starting with the 201/124 cars. The huge pillars that run from the A into C pillars? Integrated roll bar system.

How about side impact protection? Legislation mandates that side-impact-beams be built into the passenger side onlt, as it receives a disproportionate number of side impacts. Mercedes? ALL doors. Did you know that MB added side impact beams years and years before they were required by law? Only Volvo and BMW did likewise.

On safety, Mercedes has not stood still. ABS, BAS, ESP, front/side/window airbags, better materials, better interiors, and so on. No matter about rattley sunroofs on CL230 cars, I still believe that Mercedes makes the safest cars made, period. There is no better combination of passive and active safety.
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