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I don't know what you mean my disconnecting cables? I do know this is not the std. way to drain Dexron from your transmission

Their are 2 drains plugs for your cars transmission.

One is on the pan underneath the car. A 5mm allen head wrench gets the plug out. The converter drain plug is also loosened by a 5mm allen head and getting to it is a bit more detailed. A 27MM socket is used on the end of the crank pulley to turn the engine in order to position the converter drain plug. A cross-member is removed in order to get to the converter drain plug. The cross-member is help in place by 6 bolts - 17mm - 3 on each side of the cross member.

You'll find all of this using the seach facility. Much has been said about this straight-forward task.

By the way, when the pan is off, you have access to the filter. A phillips screw-driver remoces the fasteners holding the filter.

This task is simplified by driving the front of the car up on ramps - not all of the way, but enough to allow you to slide underneath
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