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Quote"It would be interesting to dig up the prices in German Marks for those examples you gave."

The price of a E320 Cabriolet beginning August 1994 was 104,132.50 DM, starting in May 1995 it cost 106,720.00 DM.

Quote"Another testimony to the quality of W124 is that Taxi drivers in many European citys kept their cars for many years after W210 arrived. Some are actually still driving these old reliable cars!"

I think alot of taxi companies are like this. I know there are examples of taxi companies in the US and in other countries where new or "newish" vehicles are used, but by and large most taxi companies use older cars, such as here in the US where most taxis are former police crown vics and caprices. So I wouldn't be surprised to see German taxi drivers using 124's and 123's, and by now maybe early 210's.

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