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1994 C280 Mass Air Flow Sensor

OK, do I spend the $250.00 for a new MAF sensor?

Here is the hhistory:

1994 C280 88K miles. Purchased car two months ago. Car runs fine, no problems, no MPG change, 21 MPG. Check engine light on. Three days prior to check engine light, cruise control would not engage, once, has not happened for two weeks.

Car has been serviced, according to the service book, at local MB Dealer for past several years.

Reset codes, reset check engine light. After 15 miles and restart, check engine light came on.

Read diag codes. On Pin 4 of 38 pin connector: Code 4, 6, 8. Code 4: MAF, code 6: not used, code 8: Idle speed, control at limit.

Also, pin 7: code 2, cruise control/ idle speed control module.

Do I need to change the MAF sensor, or is something else going on?


Charlotte, NC
1994 C280 135K
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