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UK 2.3-16v
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*Urgent* 16v Front Suspension

Hi all

Weird one this....

My mechanic (ex-MB) has just replaced the front suspension (shocks/struts, springs, spring cups, wishbone bushes, swaybar bushes) on my 86 2.3-16v

Here's the odd bit.

Back on the ground, and the front is suddenly 3" higher.

Take it for a drive and its still 3" higher than before. (stock before)

Strange, so check part numbers: right shocks, right bushes, wrong springs, right cups.

So replace with original springs, and put it back on the floor. Still around 2.5" higher at the front.

Needless to say, it handles appallingly, and looks really really impossibly stupid.

The only thing I can determine he's done wrong is that he tightened the concentric wishbone bolts up with the car on the floor, rather than with the springs compressed (as stated in the workshop manual).

Can anyone shed any light on whats gone wrong here?


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