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ARJAY, cracks in the wire insulation (such that you can see the wire core) or just the
black tape that wraps and insulates the wire bunch?
I checked mine the other day and found beginnings of wear on the tape due to lean and rub
on a bolt head behind the thermostat. All else seemed o.k. (31K miles)
I've been thinking of buying that light
corrugated plastic insulation tubing that is cut up the middle (some american cars use the stuff) to further protect the factory insulation tape , especially
around critical heat and friction areas.
This seems to me a good protective measure.
If your wires are not split, then why not just mend and improve the insulation?
You could always write a letter to MBZ and make your case for a courtesy repair.
I plan to write a letter to them in order to set a premise in case I really do have problems with this -YES- common problem which
could have been avoided by them in the first place.
keep posting
p.s. go to other dealers and make a case until you find one that will admit and cooperate!

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