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Ok, just so I am on the same page. The device directly under the throttle body is the throttle actuator (or so that is what MB says) is this the device were referring to? (aka air flow meter)

If were on the same page, then I will procede with testing of this device, assuming I have the necessary tools for testing.

Also, even with the EHA disconnected, I have no issues with the car starting, it starts right up. It does seem to be running a bit rich (as per the nose meter) but no black residue in the exhaust, on the ground or under hard acceleration. Will be checking the plugs in a few days for fouling though.

Never mind, just checked Pats picture, the throttle actuator is the air flow meter. Expensive item to replace. Is the point of failue here the air mass potentiometer? Anyone know what is involved in calibrating this item?
1993 500E
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