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Just Sold a short block with most of the accessories today.

I have a box of interior parts. Which consists of some minty front bunny ear headrests, saffron/date (not palomino), arm rests which are beige (not palomino), as well as some speaker covers, rear, black, and some blue front ones, with OEM speakers.

I am thinking if anyone is interested in buying everything as a large lot and making me an offer. I have literally sold over 95% or more of my horde now.

I learned a number of lessons years ago giving stuff away for free. However, I cannot bring myself to just tossing this stuff in the garbage.

So, any offers?

I do still have the manual window conversion kit with correct console $200 plus shipping. If anyone is tired of their faulty window regulators, this is the way to go. Make me an offer.
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