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Question was how does thesound get to the interior?

Well, I'm new to the modern world of car audio, and certainly consider myself an amateur here. From what I've read, the sound produced in the trunk is somehow related to 'cabin gain' or 'transfer function', an effect related to the enhancement of sound below 80Hz, dependent on the interior volume of the car and the dimensions of the trunk/passenger compartments. To me, the sub moves a lot of air in the trunk, which vibrates through the body structure into the passenger area. Human hearing can't detect the direction of the low frequency sound waves, so the effect is to 'fill' the cabin with bass. This little unit produces wonderfully rich, deep bass, but not the ground-pounding pulses the younger folk are making in their imports outfitted with 1000 watt amps. But hey, all I wanted was a simple bass-fill to augment my Blaupunkt Denver, which for the moment is running through the stock speakers and is sounds fine.
I didn't even have to remove the 2 trays in the shelf either.
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