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I've recently needed to run the heat in my 1987 300td wagon. The defrost and end vents work, but no air out of the foot vents. I must say but the time my 75 mile trip is complete my feet are cold. I also noticed that in the dash center vent will not open to blow air hot or cold. I have a refurbished controller unit, also swamped it another 87 controller and the same result. I was able to manually move the metal arm attached to the flap that opens the floor vent. When I did this the was air to the floor, but when the temperature was set to cool it of course closes the floor vent. Are there any ideas for this problem?

Finally, Not to offend anyone,I have owned and maintained BMW's for years. The service manuals have been more informative with more detail information. The HVAC system for instance is completely cover'd by BMW's service manual. I found nothing in the service manual for the 124 from Mercedes. Is there a more comprehensive service manual that show's the layout or components of the HVAC system? TIA Doug

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