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So, how did you make the brackets? Where di you get the unit?

I'll try to explain how the bracket was done. I removed the cardboard/carpet piece on the left wall, then used a piece of cardboard cut about 2" wide and long enough to reach along the inside of the fender from the upright in the forward area, next to the antenna, and rearward to the left side of the taillight housing. I added a piece to fit under 2 of the bolts/nuts that hold the housing in place, and another piece to reach the upright in front. The cardboard template was transferred to a piece of 1/8" stock, cut with a bandsaw, then bent to fit snug along the inner fender, with appropriate bends at the ends for the holes to line up at the taillight housing, and for 2 sheet metal screws to attach to the front upright. I added foam tape to the back in case of rattling against the fender. The bolts that hold the unit go in from the backside, through 2 tapped holes in the 1/8" bracket, and are then welded with a mig and the heads ground down to about 1/8" for a snug fit of the bracket against the fender metal. The Kenwood KSC-WA62RC hags on the supplied brackets, drilled to go over the bolts, and is secured with locknuts. As for the unit, check EBay, there's usually one every week for around $175.00. Mine was a discontinued Canadian Tire item.
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