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Hello MB Doc,

And thanks for the rapid reply!!

Now this is Interesting, I will give you the full mechanic Report in a second, but first some more info (Dont you hate it when people only give you half the story, sorry!!! :-)

The Wiring Harness was replaced in Oct 99 for the exact issue you described, My Independent shop found it and suggested I took it into the dealer. The Dealer took it in, but claimed not to be able to find any flaking, It took then calling the other shop to find it! They then took care of the Bill for replacing the harness but did charge me $70 "Diagnostic" I did dispute it, esp. as they had to call the other shop to find it! But I thought theres another day! Then the dealer got taken over earlier this year and it is the new owners I now work with.

As you said I felt the first shop I took it to with this (the independent one that found ther wiring harness issue) was "Guessing" which I why i took it to the dealer again.

Here is the full report from them:-

Peformed Engine Checks and adjust. Checked DTC's has P0400, P0301 & P1131. Checked EGR function, Checked Fuel Injection System Checked and replaced Spark Plugs. Repaired Vacc. Lines from Intake to front cover SW/Valve. Checked MAF Sensor and Cleared DTC's. Replaced Air Filter. Test Drove and Checked DTC's and Completed Tests OK.

Hope that all makes sense.

I will mention about the wiring Harness when I take the car in, do you think it could have flaked again?. Let me know what you think, I REALLY appreciate this.

Will keep you updated.


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