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Went on a 50 mile drive on the 14th - I didn't have any problems; same thing the next day; however, on last Monday my wife drives it and the Check Engine Light came back on. When I drove the car it seemed fine two day later. Since my wife was going on a trip, I didn't need the car, I thought I would check it further over the weekend.
When I went to read the codes, again there was one LED that flashed once - that was it. I tried two or three more times and each time only one flash - it just stay on as long as I hold the buttom.
Since I suspected the main vaccum line from the intake manifold that ultimately goes to the EGR might be bad, I plumbed a test line into that little "Y" manifold near the windshield washer bottle. Initially, I started the car and everything seemed fine (remember, I've never experienced the roughness my wife complained of). Today I started the car and it ran like crap - like there is water in the gas. The reason I mentioned water in the gas is because over the weekend my lawn mower was acting strange - I put in some fuel treatment and it straightened right out. We've had an ungodly amount of rain this spring and summer out here in the East.
Well gents - what do you think my problem is? When I call my wife tonight I plan to ask where she's been getting her gas but any recommendation on a remedy - a can or two of gas treatment or fuel injection cleaner? Any harm trying to run that 1/2 a tank through (I don't know why she didn't fill the car) - I hate the thought of draining the tank.
As always, appreciate the help.
Cheers, Denny
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