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I should be sleeping (long Car Trek shoot) but thinking of you all

How's it going?

Tonight I'm in Portland, filming for what will be Car Trek 10, and having a blast off-roading in some pretty terrible cars, but homesick. Instead of sleeping, I thought of this place, and thought I would check in to say hi.

I get back to Kansas in a few days, and will jump right into YouTube videos so I get at least a week ahead, as I start filming Season 3 of Car Issues for Motortrend after Labor Day. Then I'm off to another Barrett-Jackson auction live coverage in October. I'll also be selling my Hemi Superbird there.

All of this exists thanks to this site. Meeting my mechanic the Car Wizard here, along with iwrock, who invited me out to the taping of the first episode of the Grand Tour. At the time, I was trying get my foot in the door writing car blogs after completely failing as a car dealer. Meeting Jeremy Clarkson, and having him reply to my tweet afterwards, opened those floodgates to so many opportunities.

But it all started here... So thanks guys. Goodnight.
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