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Old 06-24-2003, 10:27 AM
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I determined some symptoms I had were likely due to the OVP, so I replaced it. The symptoms returned quickly, so I disassembled the new OVP and resoldered internal connections to the connector pins, which looked doubtful. The problem appears to occur due to an assembly technique problem. It seems to have been fine since then, but that has only been a few months.

I am not impressed with the design that uses a mechanical relay in this critical function. If I think it is giving future problems, I may investigate replacing the internal relay with a solid-state component.

This might not be what is causing your stalling though. If it is the only thing you have checked, note that many parts can wear out to cause operation problems with your engine, including stalling. If there are any other symptoms of incorrect operation, whether they annoy you or not, and if you have done any other work on the system, it would help to note it here.

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