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3 row vs 2 row radiators etc

Originally Posted by Peter4 View Post
anybody here of these guys? They make hundred percent aluminum radiators made of aircraft grade aluminum:
I will keep those in mind if I need another radiator in the future. A word re: 3 row vs 2 row radiators. I had a radiator shop build me a 3 row radiator for my W123 300TD (wagon) w/ 85 turbo. I discovered it was a waste of money as it made the car take longer to warm up, esp in city driving from a cold start in normal say 60-70 degree weather. I even replaced the thermostat with one tested and it still needed 15-20 miles of flat out pedal to the metal to hit 80C. It was so bad that I put a piece of cardboard in front of the rad to get it to reach hot when in cold weather, I think it was that trip across West Texas in 15F weather. In retrospect I would have been better off with a stock rad.

On the present subject, I have a radiator out of a 350SDL with little miles on it, it had been replaced prior to my geting the car and eventually scrapping it. Not sure it will fit the 87 SDL but if interested I can look for a p/n.
PM me if your interested. DDH
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