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Question 124 Coupe Mystery Window

My right hand door window is doing a number on me....

SOMETIMES....yeah, not all the time...after I return to the car after locking it; the right hand door window is down about 7 inches. Sometimes, while driving and I put that window will not come back up....I noticed one time when I hit the down button for the automatic all the way down...I could not get the window to stop going down when I pressed the button to try to make it go up!!

When the window is down, most of the time I cannot get it back up without an elaborate ritual of turning the ignition on/off...going outside and use the key to raise/lower all the nauseum...

Should I perform an exorcism or is this a problem someone else has had? I tried the search but no help...

Thanks in advance
1988 560SL "BLTZKRG"
1992 300CE "VRIL 1"
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