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Update 158k Miles

Sure enough a growing oil leak lead me to finally address the oil cooler seals. Sure enough, they were the old Orange seals. I assume that these had been replaced before, probably sometime at the 75-80mile mark 2015 ish and probably were, I could tell that there had been prior work done to the swirl flap and turbo has at some point been replaced, so I imagine the seals were done by the PO. If they are "original" then they got a long life, but likely been replaced before.

Point of bringing this up, is that there are probably several OM642s that have had the seals done in prior years, but with the old orange seals and will need to have them done again to finally correct with the purple viton ones. I truly hope the new purple ones last, even though more experienced now, I wouldn't want to go thru that process again.
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