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Question 107 Shifting Wierd

I could use some advice from more experienced members on the wierd shifting of my 79 450SL - 70,000 miles. Its an excellent California car and I love it. This tranny thing has me confused though. Hoehn MB says just replace the whole transmission. I'm not so sure.

3 things:

1)When I floor it from start, first gear does not even come close to redline - it shifts up to 2nd at around 4,000 rpm; and

2) When I select low (first gear) and start off, it seems fine until I take my foot off the gas, and then the engine goes back to idle - like the car is in neutral. When I step on the gas again, the engine speeds up to normal.

3) Also, when I shift down from 2nd to 1st, 1st will not engage, so I can't use this gear for slowing down.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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