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HELP!!! POT removal

What do I need to do to remove the pot? I know about marking the air flow body, but what else has to be removed? I have my father's car partly disassembled right now. Do you have to remove any fuel lines to get to it? There is a cylinder thing right in front of it with 3 different fuel lines and 1 vacuum line connected to it that goes to the breather hose on air cleaner. What is that vacuum for/do? Does that have to be removed? I loosened the top line and gas started spraying out. I retightened it as of now. How much fuel should I expect to lose out of each line? Should I just put a bucket under the car to try and catch as much as possible? It is so miserable when trying to do this in 90+degrees in sunlight. I want to see if my POT is worn out and needs replacement. It has 160,000 miles on it. It is a 1987 300E. What else is going to get in my way? Sorry but I am kind of torn apart on what I should do exactly. I don't want to mess anything up.
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