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If your oil level is between Min & Max, don't worry about it.

Remember, fluids will always have a level surface. You can have 8 liters of oil in your crankcase, but if you tip the engine over far enough, oil light will come on because it's basically a float and it cannot compansate for the engine not being level.

FOr a simple demonstration take a water bottle, 1/2 fill it with water, mark the water level on the botle with a felt pen and then start to tip the bottle. You will notice that the water level drops below the mark you made, yet the volume of water has not changed at all.

You should only be concerned if you're travelling uphill for a long period of time and the light stays on. Although there is ususally a good margin built into the warning systems, you don't want to risk starving the engine of oil. However, as long as there is enough oil to cover the oil pick-up you should be fine.


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