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Exclamation What is causing this?? Car dying!!!!!!!!! HELP!

I have a problem with my 380 sel. It sometimes dies when I let my foot off the gas when slowly traveling, or it will bog down and rev back up to normal rpms (500) unless I am stopping and it is bogging at the same time. It also either bogs down during medium to heavy (panic stops) braking and dies. It has even died instantaneously before.

I have replaced or fixed the following to try to help it:

Replaced Fuel Filter.
Cleaned Idle Control Valve.
Checked vaccum lines going to intake.
Checked and cleaned air filter (only 4000 miles on it, looks new).
Checked for proper air flow. Has it.

I have not checked my plugs yet.

It also seems to have a lower economy than normal, but it goes away as soon as I notice it. I can change it with pressure on gas pedal, so I think its my imagination.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? This is my only car, and I need the engine to keep going while I am paying for it (plus its really embarrassing to have guests in my car when it does it.)

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