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My Bro had an 85 190e 2.3, and he drove it from Sonoma, Ca to Los Angeles, Ca with no oil in the car, and it was fine. When he got back to LA, I had to put like 6 or 7 quarts of oil in it. The car lasted for a good 3 years longer, until the tranny gave out, but the engine itself was fine.

He even drove it with an almost completely clogged catalytic converter, until that finally gave out and caused to car to go nowhere. replacement of that and the car was fine again, until the tranny went out. but the car still ran fine.

These cars are very solid, and I would say best bet is to fill er up, and see how she runs. If all seems well, patch the hole and see how it does.

I'm sure if there is any damage you'd notice a difference in the way the engine runs right away.

So my guess is that the engines in mercedes can take quite a beating. usually what seems to stop em more often than not from my experience is the tranny/exhaust.


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