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My apologies to all for taking so long to update this thread; the car is located at our vacation house in the Hudson Valley and I haven't been able to spend much time with it this Summer.

Nevertheless, I'm here now and I suspect that the problem was an improperly fitted oil filler cap. The last time I was here (about two months ago), I took the car for a high-revving ride on the Taconic Parkway 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back, holding it in third gear with the cruise set at 64 MPH, so running just under 4K RPM the whole time, and the only smoke we had was at initial startup (but lots of it). During the ride, the low oil indicator came on, but that was to be expected.

This time I added two quarts of oil and did the same thing, and got the same results - plenty of oil smoke on initial startup but then nothing when I went out on the highway at sustained high revs. When my wife initially had the problem, we had just had the car serviced back home but she reported no issues on the four-hour ride up; however, we did have the car inspected after she arrived (it's registered in NY and was overdue), so I suspect they topped off the oil and didn't replace the cap properly.

Thank you all for your input and feedback on this. If I recall correctly, oil smoke on startup is indicative of bad valve seals, right?

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