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tie rod problems

i replaced the tie rods on my 82 380sl without problems but then the steering wheel and also the car pulled to the right. nothing pulled prior to new tie rods
i did something stupid, i figured that if the rotors on the wheel hub were parallel to the path of the car( i used a level for in out play ) and set the steering wheel to dead center that I could realign the tie rods to this alignment.
however, this is not the case, I screwed up completely, the steering wheel is now a 1/4 turn to the left and the car pulls to the right.
i still have the left tie rod and can retake the messurement from it but i don't have the right tie rod ( replaced last week and threw out)
does anybody know the correct measurements from post to post , or end to end ,for both the right and left tie rods.
i will set these then take in for an alignment
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