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Richard Ney
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At 18 years of age, as a present we give a classic 60s Benz to our dougther. We got it on Miami. Pay the beautifull cream two door convertible machine to the previous owner and went with her to pick it up. After few minutes she was to fallow me home. I drove ahead of her and can see the smiles, very happy in my rear view mirror. After few minutes between traffic and distractions I lost her. I arrive home and there was the telephone ringing, got inside pick the phone and there she was, saying, dad the car smokes and run very bad you have to come here. To make the story short, I dont know what was rong with this thing, but it toke me some time after asking few questions to her, that she told the she did stop for gas and did use diesel on the engine. I almost drop dead right there. She believe at that time that is cars where made just like the VWs,If come from Germany it have to be cheap in gas and super reliable. My dad has one and now I own one. That was her two plus two result then. Hope it may help you to turn few degrees and think that when you mercedes walks out of the driveway, be with the authorize person who know are to take care of them. M/B are made to be very carefull about them and obviously dougthers could be precious but some times...
I guess you now by now what to do in the future. If you can do it or find the way how to run the engine with out oil, you are going to be a very very rich individual.
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