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When it rains it pours

Well, I picked up my car today and the total cost was $1415 with a 12 month 12000 mile warranty. Shifts great. He even installed the Mobil synthetic transmission oil. He replaced all the parts included in the master kit, the front band, rear brake, filter and oil. Couldn't have been better except for one problem.

The A/C doesn't work anymore!!! It was working fine when I dropped the car off. When I got in it to drive off, the compressor would not come on. I asked him if they removed any A/C lines and he said no. I took my knife and pushed in on the high side valve and no pressure. So, I drive the car to my shop (logging contractor - so I have a recovery machine and have worked on a/c systems on off road equipment) and pull a vacuum. It does not hold. So I charge the system up and pull out my leak detector. It picks up freon coming out the vents and under the a/c filter outside and also around the transmission. Strong freon odor inside the car. I recover the freon to keep it all from leaking out and here I am.

Questions - Could replacing the transmission somehow cause a leak in one of the lines or the evaporator? Is it possible to reach the evaporator from under the car with a screwdriver or such? Could maybe jacking the car up wrong twist something to start a leak?

This is all very strange. It was working and not leaking when I dropped it off. Now it is leaking bad. The man that repaired the transmission does not even work on air conditioners so I doubt he did it on purpose if he did it at all. He did say that if he messed something up to call him and he would pay to fix it. At that point we did not know it was a leak, thought maybe it was a wire loose or something causing the compressor not to come on. I am afraid it is the evaporator or one of the lines at the evaporator or the expansion valve. Anyway the whole dash will have to come out to check it - won't it?
I guess all I need now to have a triple whammy is the engine to throw a rod!
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