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Thanks Arthur. Your mention of the EGR vacuum line reminded me that I had just changed out the air pump on this car (bad bearings), which requires that the front cover be removed from the engine to unplug the clutch wiring connector for the pump. I did that and found the original connector missing (had apparently been worked on before by someone else). But, I did take a casual look at the white vacuum line, and it was not visibly broken anywhere that I could see. Is it possible that the line could be cracked? For safety sake, I'll just replace the line to make sure.

The EGR valve is fairly pricey.........Fastlane has it priced at over $200. Can the existing valve be cleaned? Or, is that just a waste of time? Also, the line that plugs; I assume that to be the thin stainless steel line that travels along the right side of the head, correct? Should I replace that line, or attempt to unplug it. I have seen archieve messages in the past indicating that cleaning it is not that easy to do.

I can also change out the OVP relay. Have done that on other cars. But, what sticks in mind is that the fuel flooding problem occured within minutes after I changed out the plug connectors.

If the wiring harness is bad (lots of threads indicating that to be a major problem with the 104 engine), is that a DIY project, or best left to a mechanic? Notes on this board refer to it as a thousand dollar repair (hard to believe). The only part of the harness that I disturbed was the wiring connectors on the plug coils. I had to kind of manhandle the coils to get the old plug connectors to break loose from the respective coils. This may have caused some unusual bending of the wiring harness that plugs into each of the three coils.

Arthur, I usually do most of the PM work on my cars........forces me to look under the hood and sometimes spot things going bad before they become an issue. But, it really bothers me when I can't solve an issue without just replacing parts! Very frustrating.

Once again, thanks for your assistance.
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