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Control Arms On w124

Hey guys anyone who could shed some light would be greatly thanked for their input.

I have a 1988 300CE 12v w124050 chassis, it is not a sportsline/ sports-undercarrige. And I have damaged my front right lower control arm through a turn of bad luck on friday the 13th.(Funny in a way, eh.) Anyway now the guy at the local MB parts shop(dealership service department) reckons that it is easier to order a new control arm because he claims that every single model wether it be 280e, 300e, sportsline or E320 has a different control arm. and he thinks i should just buy the arm off him. Now i am 90 percent sure that he is influenced by the fact that he can earn a bonus off my sale. I don't believe that mercedes would change and re-manufacture thousands of front control arms simply because they support 15-20mm lower springs because that would almost mean that you then had to change the control arms when you changed the shims/spacers on top of the springs or when you used aftermarket springs in the suspension setup. Besides the guy can be a little bit of a fool sometimes.

SO my question is are the front control arms in the cars the same or are they all different in so can you tell me which ones are compatible or are none of them.

Thanks for you input it is always good to get an unbiased point of view on the matter especially when that person knows what they are talking about.

Regards Mike
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