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w104 fan & waterpump removal

It looks like its time to do the waterpump on my '90 300CE, and I need a little advice (yes, I've already used the search function).

1) is it necessary to remove the fan? I've read some threads where people say they've done the job without removing it. If it is necessary, exactly how do I remove it?

2) what special tools are needed? Some people say the snap-on tool is nice, and others say a wobble or flex extention from Sears works fine. I already have extentions, u-joints, deep well sockets, hex sockets and wrenches - do I need anything else in particular? Will I need those little universal joint sockets that sears sells?

3) Any other advice on this job is appriated.

Thanks a lot.

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'90 300CE, 165k
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