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Also, these are the parts I've already ordered, please tell me if there is anything else I need for the job:

-water pump
-t-stat housing-to-head hose
-upper radiator hose
-upper radiator elbow (for overflow tank connection)
-upper radiator hose hose-clamps
-Mercedes Coolant

Is there anything else I need? Does the waterpump come with all the gaskets and o-rings that I will need? Is the serpantine belt and tensioner reusable (it was replaced just 15,000 miles ago)? If I have the wobble/flex extentions, do I still need to remove the power steering pump?

This job must be started and completed this weekend (when all the parts suppliers will be closed!) and I need to drive the car back to VA, which is a 7 hour trip. Please help me out so that I have all the tools and parts that I need before I start the job.

Thanks again,

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