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Waiter, check please...

Actually, at this point in time, there has been no discussion of the bill. There had been a go ahead from......MB CANADA....(yes!!!, hurray!!!) to do the substitution thing.

That is the other reason that I have maintained a long term relationship with the dealer.

The first is customer service that is second to none. Each time the issue reared it's head and I was back, the dealership gave me a car (new demo), no questions asked, even though they know that I without fail, will put on 1500 to 2000 miles in a week.

On the long weekend in May, when the car acted up, I called to arrange for the float, the general manager took time out of his day to come and pick up my wife and bring her to her appointment (couple of hours out of his day on a Saturday).

Another reason that I have stuck with the dealer is the parts pricing......Do What!!??!!..... Any of the parts that were replaced, the service rep gave me the part number. The dealer's price to me was equivalent or lower than the price that I could get elsewhere (Sorry, Phil). And this was before MB stepped in.

The parts that are not needed will be removed, nor did I have to front for them, but I did keep track of the potential cost for each item.

There was also discussion about diagnostic time, and the dealership also indicated that they would be more than reasonable.

Overall, its hard for me to be the least bit negative about this dealership and MB.

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