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When shifting from first to second, I have to double clutch or my transmission makes a very nasty noise. If I shift carefully, the transmission engages properly and exhibits normal behavior; if not, it grinds and will not engage.

Based on my experience with non-MB autos, I believe that the synchros are worn, and since I must drive to Atlanta next week, I planned to stop by ASAP and bring home a rebuilt transmission.

However, today a local mechanic friend suggested that a new set of shifter bushings could solve my problem. It is true that the bushings are quite worn, but I assumed there was no reason to replace them until I replaced the worn transmission. Was (am) I too hasty in my analysis? Could worn shifter bushings cause symptoms identical to worn synchros?

The transmission shifts flawlessly from second to third, and from third to fourth; and downshifts other than from third to second, and second to first, are smooth as glass. There IS a large amount of play in the linkage, so much so that engaging reverse is sometimes difficult (although it is the lockout mechanism, not the gearbox that seems at fault).

Obviously, I need to replace the bushings, but does it sound to any of you that there is areason to do so before replacing the current transmission?

Thanks so much,

Hammond, LA
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