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AFM same as mine

Okay so i think I was barking up the wrong tree. I bought a used AFM on ebay, it gives the same reading as mine(assuming it does not have the same problem as mine!). So now I am back to square one. I stall on acceleration from stop with a closed circuit warm or cold. With an open circuit and slightly rich (40% duty cycle) she is fine except when very cold, and hesitation is still noticable. If I richen up the mixture completely so she smokes black smoke the stall goes away even with a closed circuit.

So for some reason I am not getting enough gas on acceleration this is exacerbated in closed circuit. Once I am moving all is well. Temp sensor and idle control valve are fine and EHA reading is in bounds.

In previous discussions it has been mentioned to check the AFM is positioned correctly to start with, does anyone know how to do this or know where there is some reading material on it. I am getting a tad frustrated because I thought I had found my problem but now am lost.

thanks for any help.
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