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I just posted a similar statement on this topic. I cut and pasted it below:

I don't know about the new MB's but my 1986 MB really likes high octaine. Like 92. I tried to save a
couple of bucks by using the lower priced stuff, but I really noticed a difference in the mileage I
was getting. 86 octaine gets me roughly 18.75 MPG, while the 92 gets me around 23.5 MPG.
Sometimes more. Especially if I slightly overinflate the tires a pound or two. The difference in price I
think is well made up for with an extra 75 miles per tank! (Depending of course on how I drive and
how late I'm running) Since I spend an hour and a half per day commuting almost exclusively on the
freeway, I have time to notice these things. I'm going to try for 25 MPG with the tank I have now.
I've heard people argue that the brand of Gasoline makes a difference. I haven't found that to be
true. The only thing effected by different gasoline brands is my pocket book!

10 cents cheaper still isn't cheap enough when you take into account the difference in MPG. The math works out to be cheaper with premium.

Kyle De Priest
1986 300e
1972 BMW R75/5 (Best there is)
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