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I enjoyed your post.

My GrandDad was a rancher and the smartest human I've ever known. He was very well read on so many subjects that it was uncanny. He could build or repair anything as well as a really deep understanding of veterinary medicine.

I don't claim to be near as broad and deep based as he was, but I do carry on the fix it or build it spirit that I got from him.

Recently some really bad hailstorms came through the Dallas area and a number of people that I work with lost their roof to hail damage. They were getting big checks from the insurance company. To several of them I suggested that they simply rent a roofing nailer, have the supplier put the shingles on the roof and several of us would pitch in and do the re-roof job ourselves.

To these guys it was as if I was suggesting that we spend the weekend building a "rocket ship to the moon." They thought that the only people capable of nailing shingles to a roof are "proffessional roofers." The funny thing is each one of these guys are some of the smartest and most accomplished real time software developers on the face of the planet.

As you say, the family farm population must make up less than 1% of the US population. But, show me a family farmer, and I'll show you someone who has never called a plumber, or an electrician, or a painter, etc.

I don't want anyone to think I am belittling folks for having things done. I'm only commenting on your accurate observation. The world's a changin'.

Have a great day,
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