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I purchased a 1988 560SL and noticed it idled with a slight shake every now and then.I took it to a Mercedes mechanic,He changed fuelfilters,checked sparkplugs ok,dist.cap ok,replaced timingchain, tensioner,plugwires,valve seal,new idle regulater,after that my problem got worse,it idled fine but taking off from a stop the car would stall and then suddenly take off,sometimes it would die.Had to change mechanics as the other moved. My new mechanic rechecked fuel filters ok,replaced sparkpugs,new injectors,new idle regulater as the other new one was for a 500,and put a new fuel distributer in, my car does not stall at take off but stalls at a higher speed every now and then,and will still gives a shake when idling,What could be the problem???? Sonya


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